Hello Alpha Loft Community,

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful summer we are having!

It’s been an exciting (and busy!) spring and summer at Alpha Loft. Here are some highlights on what’s been happening and what’s coming.

On the programming front, we completed a successful Accelerate NH program culminating in another great Startup Shindig event with more than 300 attendees. Planning for the second half of 2018 is actively underway. Congratulations to the startups who participated, and thank you to all who supported this program and event, including sponsors and mentors.

As recently announced, Live Free and Start is now also part of the NH High Tech Council. Coupled with the Alpha Loft integration, the Council is even better equipped to support the startup ecosystem with annual programs such as Startup Fundamentals, the Speed Venture Summit, and Accelerate NH. The Council is also establishing a startup committee which will include former AL and LFS advisory board supporters.

Operationally and financially, the Boards of Alpha Loft and the Council are aligning to a fiscal calendar year and moving to a single sponsor model for 2019. Alpha Loft sponsorship for the remainder of 2018 will remain under the current model pro-rated to any supporters to the end of 2018. Special thanks to all who took advantage of the CDFA tax credits.

At the Council itself, we will be rebranding as the New Hampshire Tech Alliance (NHTA) along with launching a new website in September. In parallel, a selection committee is in active discussions with candidates for the Council’s first full-time executive director.

There is a lot going on as we move into fall and 2019 planning! Please watch for the upcoming joint AL/LFS newsletter for more details on AL and LFS programming including Startup Fundamentals and the fall schedule of Startup Tuesday events.

In the interim and on behalf of the Alpha Loft Board, I would like to give a special shout-out to Joshua Cyr and Kristen Crawford who have kept the AL programs and services running smoothly in an exemplary manner in a time of significant change.

Toral Cowieson
Chair, Alpha Loft
Chair, NH Tech Alliance