We have been very busy over the past year at addapptation. In addition to moving into a new office space, growing our team, and gaining new customers, we have continued our involvement in New England’s amazing Startup Community.

After our experience with Alpha Loft Accelerate NH, we decided to sign up for the MassChallenge Accelerator out of Boston knowing how valuable the startup community has been for us here in New Hampshire. We knew that ramping up the competition in Boston, and globally, would be another step on our startup journey and were very humbled to be accepted into the 2018 MassChallenge Cohort. Originally, there were over 1,600 companies who applied to be part of the cohort- out of that, only 128 companies were invited to join. In September, a finalist judging round cut another 108 companies leaving the top 26 to compete for the 1.5 million cash prize (to be divided amongst the top 15). We not only made the cut, but brought the Gold 50K title back to New Hampshire.

The energy at the MassChallenge is palpable, long tables fill the large warehouse. At each of those tables, sits the next generation of innovation with ideas that range from lifesaving Biotech, to the next must have product and/or app. At any given moment, one of Boston’s most prestigious C-Suite leaders could walk in and open doors that would normally take a business six years to open… if you are lucky.

Between judging rounds (4 total), minute-long pitches that literally gong you off the stage if you go over 60 seconds, to speaking in front of 2,000+ at the MassChallenge Finale, we have been tested. Again, and again.  And have established a culture that is constantly being pushed to break boundaries and ceilings. As we were constantly reminded at the Finale, This is just the beginning. So stay tuned, we will have more to come!

Carla Vanderhoof,

Co-founder & Creative Director, addapptation