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Angel Investors:

Melanie Burger, Amanda Giles, Doug Henderson, Provado Marketing Solutions, Pat Tormey, Ralph Hansell, Kevin Leary, Dan Greenleaf, Mark Kaplan, Peter Lachance, David Salzberg, Steve Curtis, Bob Phillips, Kyle York, Sam Beam, Mark DeMello, Dana Brunt, Doug Parsons, Vineet Bansal, Andrew Jaccoma, Gene Mehr, Greg Corson, Rebecca Stoughton, John Carbone, Jeb Burns, Kristen Crawford, Robert H’obbes’ Zakon, Steve Messa, Paul Mailhot, Silas Proft, Pete Kotsonis, Matt Benson, Guy Davis, Kristi Scarpone, Kevin Short, TechClarity Communications, Brian Frankenfield, Crystal Paradis, Magda Cardenas, Jared Cottrell, Mike Cashion, Jean Mathieu

Seed Investors:

Dave Todaro, Jonathan Linowes, , Mike Spano, Gary Sloper, Jag Vootkur

Venture Investors:

Heather Lavoie, New Venture Advisors, Capital Regional Development Council, Steve Baines, Sumner Vanderhoof, Michael Joyce