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Three Ways People Respond to Change

By Bob Batcheler, is EVP of strategy and a co-founder of Newforma   Recently, at the Deerfield Fair, I watched an amazing demonstration by David Kennard of Wellscroft Farm, in which he showed how he and his Border Collies used the differing, innate reflexes of sheep and goats to manage a large, mixed herd. The [...]

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You are A Swiss Army Knife: The mindset and tools you need to survive as a Startup CEO

By Allison Grappone, Founder & CEO of Nearby Registry   Anyone in any job relies on a set of skills to complete their work. As a startup CEO you must have a keen understanding of the assortment of skills you have--and don’t have. Keeping that knowledge at the ready, and reevaluating your skillset frequently, is [...]

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Announcing Startup Fundamentals

Startup Fundamentals will teach New Hampshire entrepreneurs core concepts about startup business fundamentals, creating your initial product, and the startup ecosystem.  The ten week course is primarily online, with periodic in person meetings of the class. Startup Fundamentals launches at the beginning of September and ends in mid November.  Each week we’ll cover a couple new [...]

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Tips for Managing an International Team

By Michele Pesula Kuegler, CEO/Editor-in-Chief – PeKu Publications When I began building PeKu Publications six years ago, I knew that I would need writers.  As a company that is focused on delivering original content, I would not be able to supply all of the content on my own.  In the early stages, when the budget was [...]

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NH Entrepreneurship Alive & Well – Moving Fast!

Alpha Loft - “Ask-the-Expert” – July 2014 NH Entrepreneurship Alive & Well – Moving Fast! By Mark Kaplan, CEO – Alpha Loft   Across New Hampshire, thriving innovation based businesses are growing fast, creating new technologies, and hiring people into well paying jobs. Most would agree, however, that the state needs more companies like these [...]

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Start-Up Capital: Traditional Sources and New Approaches

Start-Up Capital: Traditional Sources and New Approaches By Matthew Benson, Esq., Cook, Little, Rosenblatt & Manson, PLLC 1000 Elm Street, 20th Floor Manchester, NH  03101 Phone: 603-621-7115 Email: Twitter: @matt_benson               One of the exciting developments in the world of startups recently has been the proliferation of new ways for companies to raise capital.  There [...]

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abiHUB buys co-working space, rebrands as Alpha Loft

MANCHESTER — The recently rebranded abiHUB is undergoing an expansion that comes with yet another new moniker for the entrepreneurship center and business incubator. At the annual Party at Arms fundraiser Thursday night in Arms Park, Mark Kaplan, the chief executive officer of abiHUB, and board chair Kyle York announced the organization has purchased the assets [...]

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Selling Out: Cashing in on your Business

By: Jason J. Gagnon, CPA   It's a question as old as currency, "how much money would I need to just walk away from my job?" When it comes to answering that question, entrepreneurs and business owners find themselves in a unique position. Often times a significant portion of their wealth is invested in the [...]

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Using IP Protection in Your Promotional Plans

By Dan Bourque, Attorney at Bourque & Associates As previously discussed in various recent “Ask-the-Expert” series columns, your initial business startup Intellectual Property (IP) investigative efforts should have included at least determining the patentability of any invention you might have; the freedom to make, have made and sell the product you are intending to manufacture, [...]

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Choosing the Right Business Partner for Your Start-Up

By Philip Shaw, attorney at Cook, Little, Rosenblatt & Manson Entrepreneurs can be reluctant to allow others into the inner circle of their businesses, and with good reason.  Bringing on board the right business partner can be a make-or-break proposition for a startup.  This column examines some of the important considerations for early-stage business owners [...]

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