Q: What is Hidden Collective all about?

“The Farmer’s Market of Outdoor Goods” – Crux Crush

Here at Hidden Collective it is our mission to directly connect consumers to small brands and makers. We want you to connect with who you’re buying from not just what you’re buying. We do this by telling the unique story of each brand and maker, allowing you to get to know where and how your items are made and sourced. When you buy from Hidden Collective you are directly affecting each brand and maker so not only do you get the option to buy a unique item but you are directly supporting them as well. We hope that their stories inspire you and that their crafted goods become apart of you and your outdoor experience.

Q: How did Hidden Collective start?

Hidden Collective was born in a 1973 Dodge Broughman RV that my brother and I bought after I graduated high school. We loaded the RV with our climbing and camping gear, bikes, surfboards, and snowboards and set out on a journey to discover the places where these tools were meant to be used.

Over the next 11 years, we explored so many incredible places and found amazing people. They became our friends and family and we built a community built upon a shared set of values – a passion for community, trust, discovery, and for giving the small guy a voice. As our community grew, I found myself drawn to local craftsmen making their own gear. Some were simply making things for themselves while others were small local businesses crafting products in tiny shops, homes, or garages. I loved hearing each craftsman’s unique story, how each item was built with a sense of pride, and how connected our community felt to the products that these craftsmen created for them. I knew that I had to find a way to share that experience.

​Thus the Hidden collective was born! From there I was lucky enough to gather an amazing and talented team (Dave Glasier, Todd Boucher, Nathan Kirschner & Connor McGurn) to help me turn my dream into a reality. ​​

This March was Hidden Collective’s 1-year mark in business and I am so proud of our growing community. My team and I are beyond stoked with the direction we’re heading and are humbled by the support and encouragement from brands and makers in our community. We will continue to keep pushing the envelope with our exclusive collaborations and product offerings which is what truly sets us apart from others in the industry.

Learn more about Hidden Collective and check out their great store here!