What is your history before starting addapptation?

I established myself early on as a strong technology leader; by 33 I had been the CTO of a New Hampshire based cloud consulting firm, the VP of Operations at Direct Capital, the head of CIT’s Innovation Lab, and (most recently) Founder and CEO of addapptation.

What is Addapptation all about?

Addapptation is a Micro App platform for companies that struggle with their current enterprise software. By providing the tools to quickly build Micro Apps, addapptation creates the flexibility to dramatically increase the productivity of our customer’s existing cloud platforms. These Micro Apps solve specific problems, integrate seamlessly into any cloud platform, and provide all the benefits of change without any of the risks.

Can you tell us more about your experience participating in Accelerate NH and what it was like to WIN the 2017 NH Startup Challenge?

Accelerate NH has been a fantastic opportunity to develop our strategy and refine our vision for addapptation. For us, the best way to grow our business has been to work with the Accelerate NH team to define our brand, articulate the value we are providing to our customers, and develop our roadmap. By winning the MYPN Startup Challenge we have further validated that our idea can be built into something special. We believe addapptation can change the way people work with enterprise software and make it something modern and enjoyable. We hope to continue to gain support and momentum within our community and state so that we can build New Hampshire’s next startup success story and become the number one provider of Micro Apps in the world.

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