How did Thunderbolt Innovation start?

Thunderbolt Innovation was co-founded in 2016 by Sean Hussey and Kevin Allen. Sean and Kevin have worked together for eight years. Both have worked in IT at Fortune 100 companies developing and delivering enterprise applications for over 10 years. Sean Hussey has a Mechanical Engineering degree along with a MBA and Kevin has a Computer Science degree.

One of the largest drywall and framing companies in New England had been using a competing product for bid tracking. It was too complex to use and didn’t meet the needs of the company so they went back to using spreadsheets. Sean’s brother is VP of the company and approached him to develop an application that works for them and is as easy to use as a spreadsheet yet provides the insights and automation that gives them an edge over the competition. Thunderbolt Innovation was created as a result of the first version of Thunderbolt Pipeline which was developed over the past year into an end to end bid tracking and workforce planning platform.

What is Thunderbolt Innovation all about?

The construction industry is seeing an unprecedented labor shortage with recent grads not going into the trades. This means it will cost more to hire and keep skilled labor. Rising labor costs along with fixed material costs is turning construction into a commodity. These companies are now competing on already slim margins to win projects and stay in business. Just like power tools brought a new level of efficiency to the building process, companies are using Thunderbolt Pipeline to be efficient in how they manage their bid/project process and use data in making smarter decisions to compete on margin.

These features are just the tip of efficiency and cost savings that Thunderbolt Innovation can provide. Already companies and prospects are asking us to solve other top pains and are willing to pre-pay for the applications. According to a study by JBKnowledge, there are 900,000 construction companies in the US. Thunderbolt Pipeline today is targeted at Subcontractors who manage a workforce which totals around 400,000 companies. When roadmap applications are completed by Q3 of 2017 the addressable market will be around 800,000 companies for a total opportunity of 4 Billion Dollars.

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