Q: How would you describe yourself, and what is your background?

A: “One part marketing strategist, one part data scientist, one part marketing technologist.” That’s how someone once described me. Over my 20+ years in the marketing and advertising industry I’ve been fortunate enough to work on amazing brands, with amazing people all over the world. I’ve helped create some of the most ground breaking marketing programs with Fortune 500 companies.

Nearly all of my successes have come from a deeper understanding of the data behind a company and their clients. Data can tell us stories we’ve never seen or heard. And it can predict the future with frightening accuracy. Through my Adaptive Analytics organization, we focus on uncovering such stories and making such predictions. Adaptive came about as a realization of a profound change in the marketing arena – the explosion of data availability.

Q: Why did you decide to join the Alpha Loft Board?

A: I love the startup! I’ve started two companies from scratch (on my second one now). Complete bootstrap, self funded, out of my apartment/home. I remember the excitement of identifying a need that people or other companies have for my product/service. I love the rush you get when you sell in your solution. The satisfaction of someone else acknowledging what you’ve brought to them.

I also know the hardships. The financial sacrifice. The personal sacrifice you make – and your spouse/significant other makes with you.

I know what it’s like to source good people to help you build the company. People who align with your vision. People you have to trust to work in the company’s best interests. There’s tremendous reward when the day comes where you look around and see a lot (maybe 50..maybe more) of people working on this little idea you had. These people now depend on your leadership and this company for their livelihood and some of their social activity. Their lives have been changed – because you had an idea and saw it through.

That’s why I got involved in the board. I want to be able to help find other startups who need help. Other people who don’t know where to turn – can use Alpha Loft to get started. To find resources. To find funding. I just want to be there to help others realize their dreams. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience.

Q: Why do you think entrepreneurship is important for NH?

A: Entrepreneurship for NH is really, really important. We have an amazing community of people all over NH. And when you blend that with the quality of life you can have here – it’s a superb blend. We know a lot of people migrate towards Boston, but you can’t get the quality of life in Boston (or any major metro) that you can here in NH. So, starting companies here, building companies here and sourcing people here is critical to helping NH grow its entrepreneurial presence in New England. We have great universities and great resources (like Alpha Loft!) to help entrepreneurs start and grow a thriving business.