Peter can you tell us a little about yourself and Scribe?

I grew up 15 minutes north of Manchester and received both an undergraduate degree and MBA from Southern NH University. I was working for a Manchester-based software company, SNAP Software, selling enterprise software for salespeople to track and manage their selling activities (what is now referred to as Customer Relationship Management or CRM) back in the mid-1990s. It was during that time, the other Scribe co-founders and I observed a challenge all of our customers were facing. They were struggling with making sense of all of the data about their customers that existed in numerous systems and databases across the enterprise. We started Scribe and built a product that allowed these companies to define rules and processes for sharing this data across systems using our highly productive visual tools. Twenty one years later, we are enabling over 10,000 business across the globe to operate more efficiently and serve customers better through the use of our software and cloud platforms.

How did you get involved with Alpha Loft?

As an entrepreneur who has helped build and grow a successful company over the course of two decades, I understand how difficult it is to launch a successful business. I admire the passion and perseverance of entrepreneurs. They challenge the status quo and deliver innovations that fundamentally improve the lives of many. I am energized every time I spend time with an entrepreneur and had been looking for a way I could apply some of my experiences to help make their path a bit easier. I have been active in the Entrepreneur’s Foundation of NH, Stay Work Play NH, and have mentored future entrepreneurs at Southern NH University, and it was through those activities that I was introduced to Alpha Loft. I immediately connected with Alpha Loft’s mission and began seeking ways to support them.

Why do you support Alpha Loft as a sponsor?

At Scribe, we see the tremendous impact the high tech sector can have on our communities provide exciting, well paying, and long-term career opportunities for many. Alpha Loft supports many new technology businesses and that is definitely something we can rally behind. In addition to our corporate sponsorship, we also support the Alpha Loft by donating our time and talents. Over the past few years, I have had the distinct pleasure of mentoring participants in their Accelerate NH Cohort. This state has some tremendously talented and enthusiastic entrepreneurs with great ideas and products. The biggest question they face is how do they bring those products to market. Who is going to buy them? How will they learn about them? What will they pay for them? How will the business scale to support increased demand? How will the business make money? How much capital will the business need and how/when should the money be raised? What type of people do I need to successfully bring the product to market? These are just a few of the questions that entrepreneurs must answer to build a successful business. While providing low cost office space and infrastructure support is a real boost to nascent businesses, helping navigate the go to market plan is where Alpha Loft’s value really shines through.