Meet Matthew Guruge, CEO of Awato

Matthew is an Alpha Loft member at our Manchester location who is launching right into 2017 with a lot of forward momentum. Between taking the $50,000 first prize at the 2016 TechOut competition, which was determined by a panel of judges comprised of business experts, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, and making it to NH Magazine’s 2016 “It List”, Matthew is garnering support for the online platform of Awato’s that helps schools provide assessments for students to identify potential careers based on doing what they love.

Awato, which Matthew co-founded in 2015, has a mission to eliminate student career confusion, and introduce them to new opportunities and help them find their way. Awato is an online platform that automates quality academic and career counseling for colleges. It uses a patent pending method to quickly assess people’s interests, aptitudes, education, experience, and personality and matches them with majors,careers, or both. It then provides them with a customized roadmap for how to achieve their goals, step by step. It also includes a nationwide job board, resume builder, and online portfolio feature so students can manage their entire career experience in one place.

Awato continues to have a strong presence at Alpha Loft in 2017. According to Matthew, “The Alpha Loft has been an exceptional resource for our team. It is so much more than a co-working space. It’s a community packed with domain experts ready to lend a hand or provide some feedback. It’s an energetic event space that provides continual inspiration. And, it has been the essential launchpad for our company”.

We wish Awato the best as they expand their product and market in the new year.