Q: Michele, you wear many hats! What are you working on right now?

I am the Dean of Content and Instruction at Wasabi Ventures Academy and the founder of PeKu Publications, an internet-based publishing company. I also am the chief blogger and recipe creator at Think Tasty. I am involved with several entrepreneurial endeavors. In addition to being a board member at the Alpha Loft, I serve on the Advisory Council for Live Free and Start and am a member of the Entrepreneur’s Foundation of New Hampshire

Q: How did you get involved as a board member?

Being a member of the Alpha Loft board has been a terrific way for me to give back to the entrepreneurial community. When PeKu Publications was in its early stages and I was ready to move out of my home office, I became a member of the ABI, which is now the Alpha Loft. Having been a startup newbie, it’s now good to work with the Alpha Loft and help build an even bigger and stronger community.

Q: What are some of the things that you are working on at the board level?

Serving on the Education, Programs, and Events subcommittee, I am in awe of the entrepreneurial environment that the Alpha Loft creates. From Startup Tuesdays to Accelerate NH to Startup Shindig and so much more, the Alpha Loft offers a vibrant selection of engaging events. My input to this subcommittee, although valued, really is just a tiny sprinkle on the cupcake of work they have done. 

I look forward to helping Alpha Loft achieve new heights in the coming months and years.