We are pleased to announce the Accelerate NH graduating cohort of 2015.

Our demo day event included presentations from our six startups and a guest appearance from Governor Hassan.

BevNow – A mobile platform connecting golfers with the food and beverage cart at the touch of a button. BevNow allows golf courses to serve customers better, increasing customer enjoyment and course revenues. The company launched at its first golf course in mid-May and is currently adding three courses each week.

MidAir Technology – A wireless enablement company focused on development and commercialization of unique Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. MidAir has two technologies developed and will be delivering their first product, GoGlove, to customers in the next sixty days. With its AirTap(TM) technology users of GoGlove can control their phones and other devices by tapping their fingers. MidAir also just completed a highly successful Kickstarter campaign for Bluz(TM), their second technology that enables Bluetooth wireless communication.

PickUp Patrol – The better, safer way to get kids home from school. The cloud-based web application replaces the old note system, allowing parents to submit plan changes by computer or mobile device. Schools use the comprehensive tool to manage the full dismissal process. With PickUp Patrol, schools and parents now have a more convenient, efficient way to communicate plan changes and best of all, they have peace of mind knowing their children are getting where they need to be.

Protett – Developing a cyber security platform for enterprises routinely handling sensitive information, and proactively putting measures in place to protect that data. Protett protects against malware that intercepts data at the keyboard, and is well aligned with the growing virtual desktop market.

HappsNow – Connects college students to every event on, and around, their campus through easy-to-use, real-time event calendars. The free HappsNow app engages the entire student body by making student organizations more efficient in promoting their events, and creating a closer student ecosystem that is safe and auditable by college administrators.

VidFall – A platform to launch new products and build audiences for brands at lower cost of acquisition. VidFall hosts Crowd Deals in which shoppers collectively drive down the price of products by watching relevant and engaging videos. It’s a fun, social shopping experience that creates meaningful conversations between brands and shoppers! Through testing VidFall has found an approach to the market that is bringing on hundreds of customers with each major crowd event.