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Seeking Capital from the Crowd

By Matthew Benson, Attorney at Cook Little Rosenblatt & Manson For many startups, a significant barrier to success is an inability to fund the business’s early capital needs.  Capital can come from many sources and one approach to raising capital that has been in the spotlight recently is a method known as crowdfunding. People use [...]

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Startup ESP: Do you know the Tax Effects of your Decisions?

By Peter Lachance, CPA and Partner at Howe, Riley, and Howe Seeing the future isn't always easy, but one doesn't have to be clairvoyant to make smart decisions early in a company's life. Making the right decisions early can save time, money, and some serious headaches. Decisions like "should I be an LLC or a [...]

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Resources for StartUps – Mark Your Calendars

By Michele Petersen, COO, abi Innovation Hub I’ve been coordinating the “Ask-the-Expert” series since it began in 2007. I thought I’d step out from behind the scenes this month and use the column to direct you to three amazing resources available for Startups here in New Hampshire. The Launch Series: A Boot Camp for StartUps [...]

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Best Practices When Hiring for a Start-Up

By Jonathan Hampson, VP of Operations at Ziftr  Hiring your first (or fiftieth) employee can be an exciting and overwhelming process. Will they be the right fit? Do they have the skills they say they do? How will they work with my current employees? These are all legitimate questions and concerns when hiring. Coming up [...]

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The Right Interface Design is Crucial for Your Business Website

By Allison Lepine, Freelance User Interface Designer In today’s media driven environment it is important to have a company web presence whether you are a one-man-show or a 5,000 employee corporation. Many consumers now search for their information online before making any decisions. Your website could be the very first impression for a potential buyer. [...]

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Interns Can Work for You!

By Mirjam IJtsma, President of Cultural Chemistry  Summer is upon us and with that the summer internship season. Internships are not just for big corporations. Even companies that may be off the beaten path or have only a few employees can attract and retain highly motivated interns. Let’s discuss how you can you set up an [...]

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Transitioning from a Large Company to a Startup

Transitioning from a Large Company to a Startup By Robert Wilkins, CEO myVBO, LLC & Ziftr  Making the transition from running a large company to a start-up can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. These are what I see to be the key factors of running a company and how they differ from [...]

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What If You Built It – and They Didn’t Come?

What If You Built It – and They Didn’t Come? By Richard Turcott, CEO of Mill33 You’ve worked months (maybe years) building a startup around your big idea.  You’ve put your reputation on the line with friends, relatives and angel investors.  You may have even depleted your own bank account. You’ve nailed your value proposition [...]

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Going Global – 5 Tips for Buying and Selling Overseas

By Hiro Kataoka, co-founder and CEO of HoGo, Inc. In this age of globalization, doing business internationally is not the exclusive domain of large conglomerates anymore. To compete and grow, going global is becoming a necessity for even small and medium sized businesses including startups.  While the prospects of selling your products in the Scandinavian [...]

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The Hi-tech Startup Team – Choose Wisely!

The Hi-tech Startup Team – Choose Wisely! By Matt Rightmire, Managing Director at Borealis Ventures Your startup team can hinder or help in your efforts to raise capital. As someone who evaluates these teams, I can’t stress enough the importance of choosing the right people. Here are some guidelines and advice for avoiding some common [...]

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