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Building a ‘Live Free and Start’ ecosystem

By Jamie Coughlin, CEO/EIR of the abi Innovation Hub Almost every day I get asked by folks around our great state what it will take to create a vibrant startup ecosystem in New Hampshire. I don't confess to have a crystal ball. However, I am pretty sure about two things. First, launching a startup is [...]

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5 Steps Before Hiring Your First Salesperson

By Kyle York, Chief Revenue Officer at Dyn  One of the beautiful things about running a tech startup, as compared to a more traditional small business, is the ability to scale. Today there are fewer barriers than ever to take your product or service global. As a result, entrepreneurs are eager to know when and [...]

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Raising Money: From Start Up Competitions to Angel Investment

By Matt Pierson, Managing Director at Dunn Rush & Co It’s a great time to launch a tech business in New Hampshire!  The new TechOut startup competition this month, sponsored by the ABI Innovation Hub and the NH High Tech Council, puts a spotlight on entrepreneurship, awarding $100K in total investment to three winning companies. [...]

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A Summertime Checklist for Your Business

By Matt Cookson, Executive Director of the NH High Tech Council and President of Cookson Stephens Corp. Summer is often a great time to catch up on reading, research, and the list of items you want to address in the fall and through the calendar year. Our lives are often very complex these days; many [...]

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How to Prevent Business Divorces from Becoming Business Litigations

How to Prevent Business Divorces from Becoming Business Litigations By NED SACKMAN Attorney at Bernstein Shur, P.A. Many businesses fail, and many business partners go their separate ways, but not every business divorce ends in litigation. There are certain things that you can do now, whether your business is thriving or just starting, to prevent [...]

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Effective Networking – Defined and Applied

By Jason Alexander, Managing Partner of BANK W Holdings, LLC Did you ever hear someone described as being well networked or as a good networker? Have you ever received or given advice to get out there and do some networking?  It’s safe to assume we all agree that networking is a critical element in many [...]

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You have an idea for a product. Now What?

 By Joe Schappler, Principal, Helix Design, Inc. It is exciting!  You say, “I can’t believe nobody has done this yet”. An idea in and of itself does not have much value unless you can do something with it, such as developing the idea into a product that can be commercialized.  A common misconception among inventors [...]

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Building That Pipeline

By Bob Good, Founder & CEO of Good Leads Between the global economy, the recession, the internet's effect on buyers' access to information, new selling tools and applications, and the need for an optimized sales process, selling has changed more in the past 5 years than it has in the past 50 years. In the [...]

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The Answer to New Hampshire’s Job Crisis: Start-ups!

Information compiled by the New Hampshire Innovation Commercialization Center (NH-ICC) and confirmed by the Kaufmann Foundation reveals a powerful but little-known reality of economic development: From 1977 to 2010, start-ups accounted for nearly all net job creation in the U.S. As companies mature, job creation levels off and declines with operational efficiencies. But the natural progression of [...]

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Translating Sports to Entrepreneurship

Anytime that you make a generalization about any group of people, you are destined to be off base. Generalizations by definition never cover the individualism that makes all humans so special. But at the same time, generalizations do help identify trends and garner understanding about people's thoughts. One of the generalizations we often discuss at [...]

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